Kharkiv National University

V.N. Karazin

Medical Faculty

The Medical Faculty graduates the specialists in specialty «Medicine» (6.1101 Medicine, 7.110101 «Medicine», license of Ukraine SAC AB-498462 at 02.07.2009)

Where, at what terms and whom graduates can work?
After the internship in medical establishment for all medical specialties, with the exception of dentistry.
The preferences of a classical university?
University offers to students of Medical Faculty the opportunity to receive another higher university education simultaneously
Duration of training?
6 years full-time education
In depending of specialization internship lasts 1-3 years in Kharkov Academy of Postgraduate Education.
For what plan and programs are students’ studies?
There are used the education plan for specialty «Medicine» (Order of Ukraine MPH № 539 from 07.08.2010) and the standard program of Ukraine Ministry of Public Health. Teaching a full course is carried out with professionally-oriented courses.
Historical roots and revival?
The roots (background) of the faculty comes since 1805, when among the first four faculties that have been opened was the department of medical and health sciences which later has developed to the Medical Faculty and existed for 115 years. In 1992, with the obtaining of independence by Ukraine, according to the decision of Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science the Medical Faculty began re-training students anew.
Faculty is the real force?
22 doctors, professors, 68 Ph.D., associate professors and lecturers are work on our faculty. There are over 900 students study on six courses, including 460 from other countries: 260 on Russian- and 200 on English-language forms.

Department of surgical diseases
Department of internal medicine
Department of general practice-family medicine
Department of general and clinical immunology and allergology
Department of general and clinical pathology
Department of paediatrics
Department of obstetrics and gynaecology
Department of hygiene and social medicine

Clinical bases
Scientific and medical institutions of city: Institute of Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Mechnicov Institute of microbiology and immunology of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,
State Establishment Malay Institute of therapy Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,
Grigoriev Institute of Medical Radiology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,
Institute of Children and Adolescents Health Care Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
Kharkov Railway Hospital,
Kharkov Railway Medical-healthcare establishment,
Kharkov maternity hospital with a neonatal department,
Kharkov Regional Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases,
Polyclinic №6 of Kharkov Moskovsky district,
Regional children's Clinical Hospital,
Kharkov Research Institute of General and Emergency Surgery,
Saltovsky medical complex
and others.
Faculty cooperates with the Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, the teaching potential of which involved to the clinical preparation of students of medicine.
Faculty Science
Research devoted to the problems of modern theoretical and clinical medicine, they are complex and have a privilege of a classic university. Faculty has contacts with scientists and professors of medical faculties of universities in the U.S., Germany, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Britain and others. Faculty members do research by grants of the International Science Foundation, NATO and others.